Ball Pitch Key Poses w Direction notes & Animator's Grids

Key poses, Notes & Instructions, with Animators' Grids to indicate ease-in and ease-out for the assisting animator. The poses are Rough, but a model sheet showing clean drawings of the character is available

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Just to remind folks --- I like showing people how to do animation. I've taught almost 2,000 people how to draw animation, and how to use 2D and 3D animation Software. My brother and I started drawing when we were in diapers. Eventually that got us to where we could make some $$$ at it. I'm not saying it's easy. But it's a way to make a living, if you hustle. •••••••••••••

Sorry, it appears that the display here crops the frame, cutting off some words in my comments... Could be my fault, though.

They were fully visible to someone using the ToonBoom authoring file, which is how they were intended to be used in the classes I was teaching. 

We will figure out some work-arounds. I can certainly re-construct the instructions, pretty close anyway.

This is a sample for one of my more advanced 2D animation classes. I'm showing students the sort of material they will encounter in a studio –– Key Poses of the character with lots of space between, allowing the animator to work out the rest of the transitional poses from one KEY to the Next. The notes I included in the body of this sequence address issues such as possible layering choices, lip synch mouth shapes, eye blinks, emphasis points that don't fall on the same frame as the "Keys," and some of the thinking you would do to inform decisions that are left to your discretion. 

A Given sequence of Key Poses can turn out very differently depending on how the director's keys and notes are interpreted.

• The thing about animation is that you don't need to be a Genius to do it. You learn by doing the animation, and seeing how your choices play out. Doing a number of sequences gives you a knowledge base much more vivid and meaningful than just the words you might see in a text.

••  The clean Color Model of the TV character – three views – should be among the illustrations that can be found in a separate location of this Site. The name of the file is: TVPitchCharacter4TweeningExercise



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