Graham Hancock Chats About Our History.

Graham Hancock takes us from Göbekli Tepe to Gunung Padang.

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  • wow..Im having a Ball rewatching these wonderful chats with Mr. Hancock. ///and seriously...anyone willing to go vegetarian in the 80s!!!! and stick to not someone or Anyone, as flaky as BBC, lol-they are losing credential every single year ...There are a looooot of people in Mr. Hancock's almost same generation who have been blazing the same path...asking the questions that no one else -too overworked-too many tv shows to catch up on- to many drugs/distractions to partake in-and willing to admit it... rather than living your life with your real family...and still actually having a heart big enough to CARE about the world he and his wife ...share with me. wow. Thank you Mr. Hancock...anyone willing to shame all right in my book...forever.
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