Plato's Atlantis

Hello this is my discovery of Atlantis, matching Plato's Atlantis exactly, with the Rings still intact and entire landscape to match starting at the Yonaguni Monument

The Real Atlantis, with evidence

This is my discovery, if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask, I will reply to all of your comments.

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  • Your "explanation" makes no sense. You "show" us the location of Atlantis using Google Maps that depicts an area currently underwater. Where are the bathymetric charts that provide detailed information about the Sea of Okhotsk? How did you deduce that Plato was WAY off in describing the location of the Pillars of Heracles? How did you decide that the Tartars are descended from the survivors of Atlantis? You show us nothing even vaguely resembling evidence for anything you present. I'm willing to listen but you'll have to do far better than what you've just presented here.
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