Dithering with the ASIAir Plus & EQ6-R Pro

Dithering will move your camera very slightly between every exposure. Over the course of dozens of images, this slight motion will ultimately smooth out any stubborn sensor problems. (Color Mottle, Banding, etc...)

A great tutorial on the importance of DITHERING.

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Dithering is a great way to reduce walking noise patterns and color mottle from your astrophotography images. Provided you have an auto-guider, Go-To Mount, and the proper software (in this case the ASIAir), you can do dithering quite easily.

Dithering just moves your camera and telescope very slightly in a random direction between each exposure. This random movement will help to remove distracting noise problems from your final image. Since the stars all need to be re-aligned during stacking, this should smooth out the color mottle splotches and walking noise patterns, leaving you with a noticeably cleaner image.

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