PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me!) | Part 6: Monochrome Workflow

In this episode we'll edit the Monkey Head nebula, which I captured with H-Alpha, Oxygen, and Sulphur filters. This will be turned into the Hubble Color Palette, which should show off the details of the nebula nicely!

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This is going to be the longest workflow yet, but hopefully you're getting familiar with PixInsight by now.  Our object is the Monkey Head nebula, which I captured from the Olympic Peninsula this winter.  There's only about 2 hours worth of data, but that should still be enough for a nice photo.

If you want to follow along with today's tutorial, you can download my XISF photos here.

Here is the Pixel Math equation (thanks to Adam Block):


00:00 - Workflow Timeline

01:08 - Open Photos & Organize

02:52 - Create Color Photo

04:53 - Technical Difficulties

06:35 - Fix Color Cast

07:20 - HAOO Photo

08:33 - LRGB Combination

10:36 - Organize Workspace & Save

11:20 - Fix Gradient with DBE

18:10 - GraXpert

25:00 - BlurXterminator

28:38 - SPCC

32:55 - ColorCalibration

34:47 - CorrectMagentaStars

35:54 - StarXterminator

37:52 - NoiseXterminator

39:12 - Unsharp Mask

41:15 - CurvesTransformation

43:31 - Stretch Photo

47:52 - Fix Color Cast

50:30 - Add Contrast w/ STF

52:19 - Blend Stars w/ Pixel Math

56:06 - Outro



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