You Can Help Fund The Global Dissemination of Knowledge Without Censorship!

A CALL TO ACTION: Good citizens of the world need information to flow freely amongst themselves without censorship. The howtube platform is capable of fulfilling this need in a meaningful, impactful way where everyone can participate and benefit.

Calling on ALL Free Speech Advocates:

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A Collaborative Response To Global Censorship

If you’ve ever wondered how you could help eradicate the egregious, tyrannical takeover of our freedoms, please consider supporting the howtube platform. Your contribution and overall support is a direct action that matters. It makes a difference.

The total domination of the world’s mainstream media is well known at this point, with all content wholly controlled by a small handful of monolithic, multinational corporations. With a few exceptions, social media is suffering the same fate. The howtube platform was created in response to this repression and is currently the only freedom-focused video platform providing the ability for content creators to privately embed videos to their communities.

howtube has been dubbed by its content creators:
"The Vimeo Without Censorship."

Poised For Exponential Growth

In the recent months the use of our platform has grown over five-times greater than anticipated, a reaction that clearly illustrates the need for our services.  While this is great news, the exponential growth has also created a problem to solve, and we humbly request your support. The donations from this crowd-funding campaign will be used to quickly expand our infrastructure to meet the needs of the current growth and manage the much greater volumes to follow.

Your Donation

We are asking each person who finds their way to these words to donate $20, more if you have the means, which we will use to fulfill our mission—to distribute vital and otherwise censored content globally. It has never been more clear that the world needs these services now more than ever and quickly.

Currently, there are multiple properties down on our website due to underfunding.

Welcome to the community of free speech advocates who are dedicated to the global dissemination of knowledge without censorship.

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