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Matter, Mind, Spirit & Soul..Is it an arc or is it a pole...

Intro Multidimensional Theory of Reality - based on my new understanding of the work by Douglas B. Vogt Audio Reading of the Book will be attached. This is my take when reconciling the information with what I've uncovered in research.

Understanding a MultiDimensional Reality

Something that Reconciled for me in spirit and truth after a long search - no promises but worthy of consideration

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I struggled for. 24 hours with situations all around me - I was fighting for third alternatives and could not find any.  So many things pressing into my spirit - I spent the night not fighting the thoughts but ignoring them which took all I had.  I needed an outlet - someone to pour all this over that could line it up and help set me spirit straight - I had expectations of my husband - that he would come home, look at me - see my distress and do something to help me snap out of it. 

My granddaughters boyfriend saw she was upset one day, knocked on the door and she immediately felt a rise of hope - He was going to "talk" to her about it and hug her...In her best "feel sorry for me" voice she whispered him in but he only sent the dog. 

You get the picture.  I didn't even get the dog. 

Still in the mess the next morning - I took it out on Facebook and then deactivated the ap.  I was so tired of trying to lead sheep - Why did I focus on sheep?   I was one for 33 years before I saw the light.  For me Truth is Freedom and I'd pay about any price for it. 

Once I reread Dougs information on Multidimensional Theory - it all clicked - just like that.  

Does my New Paradigm check out with spirit and science?  It does with mine...But I'm testing it out everywhere I go. 



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