Section-6: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: A Deep Dive Into The Tech And PHASE-1 ROLLOUT STRATEGY, "Engine Retrofits!"

Many people have asked, "Is there any proof that this technology works? Are there verifiable test results? Are there any working prototypes? The answer is YES. This video is a deep dive into the functionality of the MSAART PLASMOID TECH / RETROFITS!


In the sections to follow, you'll see how the tech is also applied to Diesel Engines, Kerosene Jet Engines and much more.

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THE PHASE ONE ROLLOUT of this technology involves RETROFITTING engines and other “modern technologies” that produce harmful waste: “There will be no dramatic disruption to current industries, but there will be a transformation. Retrofitting current technologies as PHASE ONE gives everyone a chance to embrace the change and prosper along the way.”  —Malcolm Bendall

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  • im interested in fabbing my own what do you suggest I use for the plasmoid generator aka the bubbler water container? what keeps the water from coming through the outlet? do i have to have 2 sets of spheres for the thunderstorm generator confused because all of the working designs are using 2 yet the images in diagram 75 show a single set of spheres how do you wrap the hot exhaust around the cold inlet. having trouble seeing how you would get that joined together mechanically the rest seems simple enough worth a shot
  • I found this section packed with new concepts and a ton of questions. I'm sure I'll understand better as I pick up the concepts from other sections. Guess I'll be watching this one again! If anyone else is grappling with the concepts or think they know it all drop by the telegram group!
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