Section-5: MSAART PLASMOID TECH EXPLAINED: In This Section You Will Learn of The THUNDERSTORM GENERATOR And How It Works

People ask: "Is this technology ready to go? Can it be applied immediately, if so, how disruptive is it to existing industries? Is it safe? Is it clean? Is it FREE energy, and does it involve perpetual motion?" Malcolm answers ALL of these questions.

SPOILER: Yes! This tech can be used immediately.

The PHASE ONE rollout of MSAART PLASMOID TECH involves retrofitting engines & other devices currently polluting the planet.

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How MSAART PLASMOID TECH Effects The Environment: “Currently, when you buy $3.00 of gas for your car– $1.00 goes to driving the car and the other $2.00 is your contribution to destroying the atmosphere. Conversely, when you buy $3.00 of gas for a vehicle that’s been retrofitted with our technology– $2.00 will go to driving the car, and the other $1.00 is your contribution to replenishing the atmosphere with oxygen.”  —Malcolm Bendall

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