Section-4: WAS PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY USED IN ANCIENT HISTORY? A Study of History, and Ancient History, Reveals That Our Ancestors Knew About PLASMOIDS!

The further you go back in history to study and learn, the more knowledge you'll have to utilize in your present reality. This practice is certain to shape your future for the better when the knowledge obtained is responsibly applied.

What Is a VAJRA, And Why Is It Important?

Mysteries of history often hold information worth recapturing, worth knowing– the knowing of which would change everything!

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Malcom Explains the VAJRA of ancient history, which we lost for a few thousand years, and now we’ve got it back: “In this video you’ll see the first VAJRA that has been built in modern times.” –Malcolm Bendall

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  • Player seems to not be working I get this error. The Playback API request failed for an unknown reason Error Code: VIDEO_CLOUD_ERR_UNKNOWN Session ID: 2023-05-24:27fe3255846f8d585b66ca3 Player Element ID: howtube-player
  • Thank you for showing the test pads. I couldn't understand how the implosion turbine was supposed to spin if you couldn't hold it from one of the 2 sides... we really have been living on axles haven't we? As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be an official hangout to discuss this material. I've started a telegram group for anyone looking to discuss this material and share information. Please join the conversation at
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