PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me!) | Part 8: Full Workflow

Now that we're feeling comfortable in PixInsight, we'll put our skills to the test! We'll start by stacking our FITS files, then doing the Linear processing steps. Finally we'll take the stretched image into Photoshop for the final touches.

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Welcome to the final workflow in the PixInsight for Dummies (Like Me!) Course.  Today we'll go through the entire process, starting with WBPP.

You can view the Nvidia Speed Boost article here.

Here's the PixelMath equation, courtesy of Adam Block:

Click here to download the Star Reduction script by Bill Blanshan.

00:00 - Blink Tool
02:25 - Cosmetic Correction
03:45 - WBPP - Color Workflow
12:10 - Nvidia Speed Boost
13:40 - Open Stacked Photo
14:51 - Technical Difficulties
15:35 - SPCC
18:37 - SCNR
19:33 - BlurXterminator
21:52 - StarXterminator
23:06 - NoiseXterminator
23:46 - 24bit STF
24:46 - Save Project
25:39 - Stretch Data
28:53 - Photoshop Curves
29:29 - Selective Color
32:29 - Camera RAW Filter
34:12 - Save Flattened Image
35:00 - Blend Stars with PixelMath
35:59 - Star Reduction
39:53 - Final Tweaks in Photoshop
42:56 - Outro



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