Section-3: THE PLASMOID PLANETARY POWER PLANT EXPLAINED & Its Impact On Our Society Today / The Holy Grail of Science, Now Manifest.

Knowing the history of this technology is vitally important as we ready it for immediate use. Its future use, along with the social, business and political implications are explained as well and how we are ALL "standing on the shoulders of giants!"

A Quote From Malcolm Bendall:

"I am a conduit for this information & technology; without the likes of Nikola Tesla, & so many others, I could not be here."

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“I stand on the shoulders of giants!" My work is based on the genius of visionaries like Nikola Tesla, Stanly Meyer, Winston H. Bostic, Walter Russell, Robert J. Oppenheimer, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, Kenneth Radford Shoulders, Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) and James Clerk Maxwell, just to name a few.” –Malcolm Bendall

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  • I started watching this series, but now it seems to be gone. Being seeing this message for days. Is this a normal howtube thing? "We are currently undergoing a major maintenance upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be back up soon!"
  • Your mountain looks like the inside of the pyramids at Giza. So basically both existing theories about them could be true. It could be a power generation device as well as a platform for space travel
  • Does sacred geometry and numbers also apply to the other planets of our solar system? For example does jupiter and its many moons have similar correlations between diameter and distance as our moon to earth and earth to sun Also would the planetary power plant still be operational if there was a reversal of earths magnetic poles? I imagine such an event would disrupt the ionosphere
  • Why are the numbers so solar system centric? It's almost as if our sun is the center of the universe. How does a civilization on another planet discover these principles if they're on an entirely different solar system, great year etc. The resonant frequencies of matter seem to be determined by our specific solar system configuration.
  • By what mechanism does a planetary power plant collect and stack..(plasmoids?) and why would we send the energy back into the Schumann cavity... How does that energy interact again with a torus turbine somewhere on the planet? Hmm hmm hmm.
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