PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me!) | Part 3: Plugins

We'll be using three plugins from Russell Croman to make our PixInsight workflow much simpler. These plugins will sharpen the image, reduce the size of the stars, clean up the grain, and completely remove the stars from the photo.

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You can download all of Russell Croman's plugins here:


I'd recommend getting BlurXterminator, NoiseXterminator, and StarXterminator.  These three tools will be utilized extensively in my PixInsight workflows.  

If you are planning on purchasing all three, then it would be wise to just purchase one of them first.  You can then get a $10 discount on the others by providing your license key during checkout.  

00:00 - Install Plugins

02:54 - Open Plugins

03:20 - Register License Key

03:40 - Reset Settings

03:55 - Documentation

05:03 - Auto-Stretch

05:59 - Linear State Explanation

09:18 - BlurXterminator

11:57 - NoiseXterminator

13:30 - StarXterminator

17:42 - Saving Project Files

20:22 - Outro



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  • Like so many new users of PixInsight, moving to this platform has been confusing. This video showed how it was important to keep the data linear for most of the time. It also showed the Histogram Trans function where the data can be stretched. So my question. Does that actually happen? When? Thanks I also just finished watching your first workflow in Video #5 but didn't notice anything discussed about a final stretch. Is that actually necessary in PI? Gary
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