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Are Fire Extinguishers Safe to the user and those around you ? Or are they dangerous without using proper breathing apparatus when using ? Find out the truth.

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To Whom it May Concern,


We are an international manufacturer of Affordable Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment

with offices located in St. Louis, Missouri USA and Guangzhou, China

specializing in Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment, such as; Fire Escape Smoke Hoods, Fire Blankets, Gas Masks, CHEM-BIO, Gas Fire Escape Smoke Hoods, CBRN, SCBA's, Fire Escape Ropes, Escape Ladders, Fire Escape Suits.


Providing solutions for Governments, Military, Fire, First Responders, Rescue Authorities

and PPE Personal Protective Equipment for Individuals WORLD WIDE.


We supply the NBA in USA / The US Air Force / Australian Air Force / The Philippine Navy  /

The CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ) Exxon-Mobile / Shell Oil / NASA / The United Nations

/ Nestle / FEDEX / Dow Chemical / Samsung Electronics / NVIDIA, Heineken and 1000's of others World Wide.

We look forward to working together as Partners in Saving Lives

Robert Coleman, CEO  
C Y Holding Company Ltd
St. Louis, Missouri USA
1-888-892-1828 Toll Free
1-636-244-1791 Fax

C Y Holding Company Ltd
Guangzhou, PRC China
86-13538895080 International Direct Number
86-20-84687271 Fax

WhatsApp / TeleGram / WeChat / Instagram / Line / Viber : 86-13538895080

Email: /



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