Porch Pirate Caught in the Act. Stealing package off Security Camera Installer's Front Porch

Well my cameras actually caught something interesting recently... A porch pirate looking for an easy target picked EXACTLY the wrong house. I install security cameras for a living, and so I have a TON of cameras on my house. Caught in the act.

Porch Pirate Picks the Wrong House

I caught someone in the act of stealing a package off my front porch... Good thing I install Security Cameras for a living!

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Hello There,

My name is Tanner, and I am a professional tech tinkerer for hire. I go to people's homes and businesses and ease their tech support troubles; armed with my bristling passion for tech and a semi-moderate helping of people-skills. As my job and passion both result and depend on me being up-to-date on modern and classic tech, my home-office tends to stay pretty packed full with plenty of projects competing for my limited time and desk space. My home not only plays host to these tech-shenanigans, but is also very often a subject of them. On any given side of my house you will see no less than 2 security cameras and you'll find electronic locks on every door...to my neighbors it probably looks like I am paranoid in the extreme. Inside you will find smart lights and motion sensors and a live-view of the cameras playing on multiple screens in ergonomic locations.

This was the house she chose to steal from.

I looked up in time to see her walking away and it looked like she was stashing something away under a sweater. I checked the porch cam and saw that the package that had been delivered only moments before appeared to be gone. I walked to my office door and opened it...



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