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In this video, we provide a detailed, step by step method, of removing the Power Electronics Module (PEM) from a 2.x Tesla Roadster, to prepare it for shipping to a PEM rebuild facility, and preparing the Roadster during the downtime.

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This 3 phase inverter is the largest and most critical portion of a Roadster drive train, and has aged over 10 years now.  It is also full of deferred maintenance issues, the most compelling being known engineering problems, and components wearing with age.

For us, the most comprehensive way to resolve these issues is transporting the entire Roadster to our Electronics Lab, since our upgrade extends into other areas of the Roadster.  For vehicles outside the USA, shipping only the PEM is a fallback option.

Unlike ICE vehicles which build deferred maintenance issues with miles traveled, this new breed of EV's is accruing deferred maintenance more due to aging, since they are full of electronics.

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