The Milky Way Course

The Milky Way Course will teach you everything you need to know; from planning, to camera settings, how to take your photos, and post processing. With over 60 videos, this is by far the most comprehensive course available!

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The Milky Way Course is designed for any skill level, from the complete beginner to the advanced photographer.  Throughout the course I'll be teaching you my own personal techniques and workflows I've used for the past 5 years.  The main goal is to make your life easier!  I will simplify and streamline some advanced concepts, so that even a novice can understand exactly what to do.

We'll start off with the Beginner's Workflow.  This simple method will allow you to capture better photos, with minimal extra work.

Once you've mastered the Beginner's Workflow, you'll want to consider purchasing a Star Tracker.  This will give you a big step-up in image quality!  Now you can shoot 4 minute exposures, without star trails.  All of this extra light will create a much cleaner photo.

Finally we've got my advanced Dithering Workflow, which will give you the highest-quality possible images.

With over 60 videos, the Milky Way Course will cover everything you need to know!  I'll also continue to provide free updates throughout the years.  My first planned update will focus on Panoramas, and should launch later this summer.

Click here for more information on the Milky Way Course.

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