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Meteor Toss Game at the Library

The 2019 Summer Reading Program was "A Universe of Stories." I made this lovely Meteor Toss, inspired by a smaller version I found scrolling the internet. My niece and I were practicing for the Family Fun Night at my local library.

Library DIY games

Space theme inspired game created by a Children's Librarian.

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The first thing I did was brainstorm ideas for the 2019 theme, "A Universe of Stories." After browsing online, I came across a poster board sized version of a Meteor Toss game and let my imagination take over from there. I decided I wanted this thing to be huge, and I wanted to add as much detail as I could.

 A local patron works at Kroger in my hometown and would bring me big pieces of cardboard. I taped 4 pieces together with Gorilla Glue Tape, and then covered them in black and 2 different shades of blue paper. Now the fun begins! After covering the floor with plastic, I grabbed a bunch of different shades of paint and did the finger flicking technique onto the game board. After it was dry, I took 3 different sized bowls (or anything circular) and traced them across the surface. Once I had my desired amount of circles, I cut them out and taped up the loose paper around the edges. Now I was ready for the final touches.

I love Science Fiction, so this craft was a very pleasurable one. I grabbed photos from online, clipped them out, and pasted them all over the game board. I added the Death Star in the middle (made by my boss who also loves sci-fi), crafted my own planets and meteors, and then finally cut out some numbers from the Ellison Dye machine at my library. After gluing all of the pieces onto the board, I was ready to make the meteors.

I wadded up scrap paper and wrapped them with foil, and then grabbed several different colored ribbon to make the "tail" of the meteors. After taping them together, I added them to the meteor with a puncture and hot glue. We were good to go! 

The family night was so much fun, and the families had such a great time! along with the Meteor Toss, I made a bunch of other really awesome props and decorations. 

Yes, I made this space shuttle switchboard too, the images were borrowed from online, printed and added. If anyone is interested in more about this, let me know! 



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