Grand Vision w/ Randall Carlson in Sedona April 2022

The Grand Vision with Randall Carlson in Sedona Easter & Earth Day weekend April 15-17 & 22-24, 2022

Grand Vision Easter & Earth Day weekend

Grand Vision Easter & Earth Day weekend
with Randall Carlson in Sedona April 15-17 &

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Grand Vision with Randall Carlson in Sedona April 15-17 & 22-24, 2022 Easter & Earth Day weekend 

The Grand Vision of Randall’s is to establish a School, Research Center, Conference Center, Retreat Facility, Village & Community. A great weekend of practical lectures to be filmed for review. Spend a weekend with Randall exploring his work which incorporates Ancient Mythology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Symbolism, Sacred Geometry, Architecture, Geomancy, and other arcane and scientific traditions. For over 42 years he has presented classes, lectures, and multimedia programs synthesizing this information for students of the Mysteries. Great information that is relevant for Homeschooling Teachers, Parents, Students, empowering them with old school comprehensive holistic learning; Theoretical, Practice, & Experience.

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