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Gran Hechicero - Mapahe

A song composed for the legendary Mapache in spanish using traditional Cuban instruments such as the Tres Cubano, Marimbula, Bongos, Maracas. If you would like to know what pedals and amps were used comment below.


A big thanks to c0rpsecvnt and elina_loca you can find them on IG , as well as Frank Blanco "Historic Walton house"

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Gran Hechicero is a united art project between a husband and wife who own a small goat farm, if you like the art and would like to help create more and support our goat farm send us a donation on Venmo @ goatsmells or on Cashapp @ $goatsmell56 as little as 10$ can go a long way in helping us with gas, equipment, and top quality hay for our kids!  You can follow us on instagram @cabravision, and don't forget to click subscribe



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