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Vancouver Speech - Samoiya Shelley Yates, Fire the Grid

Shelley tells her story about her and her son's drowning, her near death experience and the light beings that gave her instructions to miraculously save his life. The light beings told her, "What you did for your dying son you can do for a dying plan

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2 big upcoming dates for Fire the Grid:

Rain of Energy - Feb 21st, 2022 11:07 AM GMT

     … then one year later:

THE VOTE - Feb 21st, 2023 11:07 AM GMT

     (Last Call for Wake Up!)

Find your local time for the next Fire the Grid on Feb 21st, 2022 by clicking here:


Some World Times:

1:11 am Honolulu

3:11 am Los Angeles

6:11 am New York

8:11 am Rio de Janeiro

11:11 am London

2:11 pm Moscow

6:11 pm Bangkok

8:11 pm Tokyo

12:11 pm Auckland


We have other projects to assist with the Shift that are full of fun and which are of great benefit to us all!

➡️Fire the Grid for 5 minutes a day, at 11:11 AM GMT or whenever works for you... let's practice!

➡️Wear a yellow ribbon to display your participation, generate curiosity and interest, and help you find like minds in your community to connect with! 

➡️Joy Fest events on one Sunday every month in the year between Feb 21st, 2022 and Feb 21st, 2023, where we gather to celebrate and express our joy and also practice Firing the Grid! Pick 11:11 AM in your local area or whatever time works for you!

➡️Light Brigades - form small teams of 3 or 6 and Fire the Grid weekly or whenever you want!

➡️One project is complete and ready for you: Read the free eBook that the Light Beings asked Samoiya to share. A Message for Humanity contains everything Samoiya knows about the Shift and how to make it to the Fifth Field!

➡️Would you like to volunteer? The gift of your time and energy is an important driving force that is crucial to moving these ideas into the world! The Light Beings have shared big ideas to create big benefit to all and we will need a big team of Fire the Grid volunteers to help promote, create and accomplish them! Come join the fun!

For more info on most of these things, you can go to

We are so excited to bring these projects of hope to you from our friends the Light Beings! 

One people

One planet

One purpose

One peace!

Facebook Official page:

Facebook Group Chat:

Facebook Fire the Grid Volunteers:




Samoiya’s Free PDF, A Message for Humanity:

Find your time in your location (your computer clock must be correct)

Fire the Grid Essentials:

Share page:



If you want to support the musical artist  (for the song in the endcard) you can buy the song used in this video on Anael’s website:"     

Anael’s music is encoded to assist with waking up to your divine nature, raising your frequency and expanding into your evolution.   

Song credit:

Album: Buddha Spirit 3

Song: Ushnishavijara

Composed, performed and arranged by Bradfield

All vocals performed by Anael



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