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Traveling to Tibet with Great Tibet Tour to discover the cultures and landscapes of the roof of the world. As you explore the once-forbidden land, you’ll savor insider experiences, unique cultural interactions, and a host of extraordinary moments on one of our Tibet luxury tour.

You will roam around towering monasteries, ringing bells, chanting monks, and spinning prayer wheels as you travel through the ancient Kingdom of Tibet. In Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, visit the 7th-century former winter residence of the Dalai Lama, the grand Potala Palace. Explore the revered Jokhang Temple and sprawling Sera Monastery. Browse the shops on Barkhor Street for traditional Tibetan handicrafts, amulets, and religious paintings.

As a barren land at first, Norbulingka was initially nothing but full of overgrown weeds and infected wild animals. The 7th Dalai Lama was attracted to this place because of the scrub growth alongside and beautiful scenery in summer. As a result, he would like to pitch camp to spend his whole summertime there. This place was finally constructed in the year 1755 by the 7th Dalai Lama to meet guests, organize ceremonies, and most importantly, handle political issues.

Discover the cultural treasures in Drepung Monastery; visit a local family for some refreshments and conversation; visit Samding Monastery-the only Tibetan monastery which is taken charge by a woman on an island in the middle of remarkable Lake Yamdrok; visit Samye Monastery-the first monastery and palace, to feel the profound history of Tibetan Buddhism; pay a visit to the Everest Base Camp, starting point for the expeditions that attempt to conquer the world's highest mountain, etc. During the journey of yours, pass through striking pastoral landscapes and ascend to dizzying heights, you will find your desired Tibet.



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