Magical Egypt (Ep. 2): The Old Kingdom & the Still Older Kingdom.

The second episode of the most coveted tour of Egypt by the late John Anthony West.

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  • Near the end of this episode, Mr. West speaks of the possibility of taking samples of the "Impacted Nile Silts" that have accumulated to a hight many meters higher than the top of the ancient Ossirion. That structure resides at a depth sufficiently lower than Seti's Temple, that to assert they were built simultaneously requires us to accept that the builders inexplicably would have had to EXCAVATE a VAST pit for the Ossirion. But the OSSIRION is known to connect to an ancient Tunnel complex that extends substantial distances in many directions... possibly kilometers, connecting to other structures of the ancient period. This, along with the starkly conspicuous architectural stylistic differences, requires us to accept a long list of absurd improbabilities, merely to avoid having to acknowledge that the Ossirion was built much earlier. The Towering Arrogance of the Egyptologists keeps showing they are simply intellectual pygmies, who cannot admit they have simply invented their own fanciful history of Egypt, ignoring or dismissing anything in the original records of the ancients that spotlights the PRE-SUPPOSITIONS of the modern Egyptologists' Construct of Human History. I predict they will very likely petition the current Egyptian government to FORBID ANY CORE DRILLING, independent Carbon dating of local stratigraphy, or other technological assessment of the sediments surrounding the Ossirion, to prevent anyone determining the actual age differences between the structures.
  • Thank you for presenting this series. Elsewhere, we just get the odd interview, or a brief appearance of Mr. West... Yes, as Honored Guest on someone's blog or podcast or social media channel. But this gives us a much more coherent view, not the fragmented patchwork so many of us get. This is a great service.
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