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Created in Lightwave 3D, w generic world map enhanced w some additional touch-up; several additional concentric spheresl layers added to create "Atmospheric layers" and clouds moving separately from crust.

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Here's a lesson for you to remember:

Don't do speculative work except for yourself. 

Don't assume that if someone asks you to do some work for free that they give a crap about whether YOUR business survives. 

Don't think that doing someone a favor will be rewarded. (Anyhow, that's not a favor, it's a loan on which You expect a return.)

If someone comes in looking for you to do Them a favor, doesn't want to make any commitment to YOU, but expects You to jump at the chance to do something Free for THEM, Tell them politely but firmly "NO!"


If I wanted to work for free, *I will choose which organizations or charities I will serve."



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