Spheres of Influence 2oo6

My first official launch at Zaki Gordon Student Film Festival

Student Short by Robert Dakota

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www,worldviewzmedia.com & www.worldviewz.net are a dream in the making.... After traveling to many countries and experiencing other cultures I observed we share more in common than we have in difference. Our common ground is so vast that the differences should be celebrated rather then denegrated. This a short documentary of my travels to express the value of Unity through diversity. Imagery filmed on location in person of course from the following countries & places Peru; Amazon, rainforest & highlands, Japan, Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Kyosan monastery, Shinagawa, Ise, Bali; Kuta Beach, Ulluwatu, Ubud, Indonesia, California; Big Sur, Burbank, Venice Beach, Sedona; Sand Mandala Tibetan monks hosted by World ViewZ Media, Light Vibe studio hip hop dancers, Mythic Enchantment hosted by WVZM & 7 Centers yoga studio, Glass mosaic created by Robert Dakota Blue Diamond Studio, Tibetan monks Fire Puja, hosted by David Milgrim, Oak Creek Canyon, Earth Dance,,,, 



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