PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me) | Part 3 - Stacking

PixInsight's WeightedBatchPreProcessing script is designed to handle the entire stacking process. However, it isn't exactly fast, and there are a ton of settings to adjust. In this video I'll simplify the whole process!

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There are many different programs available that will stack your raw photos together, including ASI Studio, DeepSkyStacker, Siril, and StarrySkyStacker.  However, PixInsight offers a great (albeit slow) alternative.  

In this video I'll show you how to stack your images using PixInsight's WeightedBatchPreProcessing script.  We'll also talk about how to inspect your raw photos to confirm they actually look good.

00:00 - Intro

00:29 - WBPP Overview

03:19 - Stacking Presets

04:19 - Subframe Weighting

05:25 - Astrometric Solution

08:03 - Stacking Parameters

09:17 - Output Directory

09:53 - Calibration 

10:30 - Post Calibration

11:01 - Begin Stacking

12:25 - Cosmetic Correction

13:45 - Stacking Recap

16:58 - Inspect your Photos with Blink

20:03 - ASI Studio 

22:41 - Final Recap

24:03 - Finding your Stacked Image

26:10 - Outro



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