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Make Your Video Screen Shoppable • Offer eCommerce Check Out On Every Video Page • Fully Integrate Your Own eCommerce Website With Your howtube Channel

Interactive Videos With Built In Shopping Cart

9 out of 10 video viewers surveyed say that informative, helpful videos are the primary tool they use to guide their buying decisions.

  • Currently, One-third of online activity is spent watching video
  • Virtually every study conducted on consumer video consumption shows that video attracts audiences more than any other medium
  • Video consumption is projected to capture over 80% of all internet traffic by 2020

Introducing shoppable videos by howtube.

With howtube’s, interactive video shopping solution, you will provide better customer experiences, increase your engagement, your revenue, and you will position your brand well beyond your competition as a relevant, innovative, content provider at the same time.

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Video Hosting With A Powerful eCommerce

Are you taking advantage of the power of video? And are your videos integrated with your online sales practices?

  • If so, you’re likely doing very, very well. Keep it up, and please look further into howtube. We have new technologies and supporting services that can help you do even better.
  • If you are not into video marketing just yet, you’re not alone. Regardless of your circumstances, howtube has solutions that will help you easily integrate your video marketing activities with your online sales activities.


Video marketing is EXPLODING, because its effectiveness is undeniable. We invite you to look into howtube’s video hosting and marketing platform with eCommerce technology built right in. For this solution, you do not need an external eCommerce website. We’ve created a self contained solution that enables you to take full advantage of this ULTRA HOT aspect of internet marketing known as Video Commerce.

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Integrate Your eCommerce Website With howtube

Do you have an established, eCommerce website? And are you into, or getting into, video marketing? If so, this solution is for you.

howtube’s video hosting solution with eCommerce was built to help content creators enrich their video marketing practices in 3 primary ways:

  1. ENHANCE VIEWER ENGAGEMENT: We help you engage your video viewing audiences interactively, and more authentically, by enabling all those who have been inspired by your videos to become enthusiastic shoppers in the moment of their inspiration without ever leaving the video. We have 2 solutions that facilitate this; contact us for a demo to learn more.
  2. INCREASE SALES: The user experience associated with the above mentioned extends a level of professionalism and convenience to your audiences that they will reward you for, and your sales will increase!
  3. LET THE GOOD WILL ROLL: The overall sophistication of this howtube solution in action will increase your likability and therefore your popularity across the board. The good will you generate by investing in these conveniences for the sake of your customers will spread like wildfire and increase your sales further still by osmosis.


howtube has eliminated the step that forces businesses to drive customers from a video host to their website and back again. howtube’s video hosting with eCommerce is the only solution that can seamlessly integrate video content with online sales.

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