PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me!) | Part 4: SPCC

SPCC, or SpectroPhotometricColorCalibration, is a tool that can give you accurate colors in your astro images. In this tutorial I'll show you how to set up SPCC and run it on both OSC and Narrowband images

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Additional Information

Related links, images and relevant information involving this howtube video.

I'd highly recommend watching this video from PixInsight, which further explains SPCC.

For even more information, check out these two videos from Adam Block - SPCC Part 1 and SPCC Part 2.

00:00 - Download Gaia Files
01:55 - Install Gaia Files
04:13 - SPCC Basics - Narrowband
08:28 - Background Neutralization
10:24 - Troubleshooting "No Astrometric Solution"
14:09 - Color Calibration
16:31 - Correct Magenta Stars
17:38 - SPCC Basics - OSC
21:21 - SPCC Orion Example
25:20 - SCNR (Green Removal)
26:41 - Triangulum Example
30:09 - Outro



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