PixInsight For Dummies (Like Me!) | Part 1: Interface

Welcome to my new PixInsight Course! Over the next few videos I'll teach you the basics of using this powerful software to edit your astro images. The main focus will be on keeping things as simple as possible!

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I've been trying to learn PixInsight for years now.  Every time I would start using the software, I would quickly feel overwhelmed by the new interface.  There also weren't many great tutorials at that time.  (That's since changed though!)  It wasn't until my most recent attempt back in November that I was finally successful in learning the basics of PixInsight.

Now that I have enough experience to feel comfortable using the software, I want to help you learn the interface as well.  With my new perspective on this program, I will be able to walk you through the common problems that I have faced.  

For those that are comfortable doing most of their workflow in Photoshop, I'd recommend at least downloading a free trial of PixInsight and following along with this course.  You might be surprised at how easy some steps of the workflow are, especially when compared to Photoshop.  With a little practice you'll be able to utilize PixInsight and process your images much more effectively!

You can use the link below to download PixInsight:


00:00 - Intro

01:02 - Fix UI Scale

02:42 - Button Layout

03:58 - Arrange Workspace

05:01 - Rename Photos

06:48 - ScreenTransferFunction

08:03 - Triangles and Squares

09:12 - Documentation

10:25 - Outro



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  • I made the mistake that you did with the UI how did you undo it?

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