HFfH Podcast with Dr. Tom Cowan, Author of The Contagion Myth

Alec Zeck, Dr. Tommy John, and Jo Yi MD take a deep dive with Dr. Cowan to make sense of what is going on in the world around us and how to conquer all fear, now and in the days to come, involving the "pandemic" and all related issues.

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Dr. Cowan has 40+ years of medical experience, has clocked countless hours of research and experimentation, all of which he brings to the table in this amazing episode of the HFfH Video Cast

Dr. Cowan has an incredible talent for sharing knowledge in a digestible way. He makes very complex subjects easy to understand. If you're looking for a little help making sense of what appears to be "a word gone mad," you wont want to miss this episode. Most importantly, Dr. Cowan teaches us how to conquer any and all fear that may arise in you, now or in the days to come, involving the "pandemic" and all related issues. You will learn about PCR tests, vaccine dangers, how 5G is involved and how HIV actually started. Armed with proper knowledge, i.e., truth, you can conquer all fear. You will therefore leave this episode feeling empowered, enlightened and equipped with the action steps necessary to survive, adapt and respond to the crisis at hand.



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