HFfH Podcast - The Medicine is in the Food with Dr. Dan Gubler

Dan Gubler is one of the world’s premier natural-products chemists. He has dedicated his life to discovering new compounds and novel formulations that promote health and overall quality of life for people around the world... read more

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Dan is one of the top scientific minds in the health and wellness industry, with a gift for discovering and developing science-based, blue-ocean, and paradigm-shifting innovations.

Gubler has traveled all over the world discovering new medicinal plants that can support human health. He conducted postdoctoral research at Caltech, was a tenured professor in Hawaii, and is currently the Chief Science Officer for a global human metabolic health company. Gubler has formulated over 50 different nutraceutical/personal care products that gross hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales including a patent-pending GenomeceuticalTM line—a revolutionary line of products capable of maintaining healthy gene expression in the body.

He has commercialized two traditional medicinal plants that can support human health and established two traditional medicine research institutes around the world. Additionally, Gubler has developed a new diet paradigm that can promote human health by utilizing key natural compounds from plants. Gubler is a strong advocate for the conservation of the earth’s flora so we can continue to discover the health secrets of nature before they are lost forever.

Gubler has also developed a new diet paradigm that covers some aspects of the paleo diet but goes even further based on natural product chemistry which aims to beneficially alter the epigenetic and gene expression patterns (chemical switches) of the body and bring them back into balance.

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