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Rough Animation for a Realistic walk cycle, with Anatomically correct proportions. Still using black outline, but with skeleton & muscles in correct proportions. My next stage is to clean it up without clothes, then Clothe the figure.

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Just to remind folks --- I like showing people how to do animation. I've taught almost 2,000 people how to draw animation, and how to use 2D and 3D animation Software. My brother and I started drawing when we were in diapers. Eventually that got us to where we could make some $$$ at it. I'm not saying it's easy. But it's a way to make a living, if you hustle. ••••••••••••• 

These Rough Scribbledy Drawings are almost always the way I start doing animation.... Then I play the sequence over and over, looking at one detail, and then another, just checking the general movement. Then I will clean the drawings up just a little, and review the sequence again. By cleaning up details one at a time, instead of trying to draw PERFECT poses the very first time, I can work MUCH faster. Give it a try. I know people like to try to draw it right the first time, but when an architect or ship designer start, they begin with sketches, and work out the details slowly BEFORE they begin doing precise detailed stuff.

You can see how the animation looks with a costume -- "Clothing" -- drawn over the cleaned-up nekkid figure in a GIF image among the illustrations. It's titled "Revere on a Pier."



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